Be the perfect gentleman. Your date, even if she has strong feminist inclinations, will appreciate being treated like the lady that she is. She will be pleased when you show her the traditional niceties like holding open a door for her, allowing her to enter the room before you do, and pulling out a chair for her. Lovely manners like these will get you ahead of the pack.

Of course for those of you who read up on this sort of thing and who are familiar with The Desire System may question whether all this is really necessary. My response is that you should probably do both (being a badass certainly has its place though!)

Another gentlemanly and considerate thing to do is to keep your attention on her. There is nothing more off putting to a woman out on a date with you than to find you eyeing the seductive girl seated at the table across yours. Even when you try to be furtive about it, your date will notice. And this will certainly not get you plus points. Nothing gets your date’s fancy like your full attention on her. This will get her all flushed the entire night – and get her to think highly of you as date material. The next time you ask her out for another date, she will be inclined to say yes with enthusiasm.

If you really want to pursue your girl, make sure that you create romance. Nothing gets to a girl like being romanced. Be thoughtful. Send her flowers. Buy her candy, beautiful mood music, perfumes, and jewelry. Let her know that she is constantly on your mind. When you go out on subsequent dates, make them memorable for her. Take her to fine restaurants. If she has a passion for dancing, take her to nightclubs. If she likes romantic movies, watch them with her. If she likes reading, take her to a bookstore and get her the books that she likes. All these will let her know that you think keenly enough of her ñ and that you think nothing of going out of your way to find out what her interests are in order to indulge her.