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Stealth Attraction Review – The Latest Attraction Technology

pretty blonde IOIIt’s no secret that many men struggle with approaching women and attempting to get them interested in dating and so forth. This can be a very difficult and frustrating process if you don’t know what you are doing. This being the case it was only a matter of time before forward thinking guys started coming out with “systems” designed to help guys achieve their dating goals more easily.

The most popular of these guides is something called Stealth Attraction, which claims to provide a simple blueprint capable of dramatically improving your chances of success. According to the program’s creator – a British chap named Richard La Ruina it is not difficult to learn how to approach a woman. Apparently all you need to do is learn the right approach method so you can approach her without turning into a nervous Nelly. And I’m happy to report that Richard’s method is actually incredibly effective at doing just that!

Stealth Attraction – Key Points…

The program has three modules and includes bonus training in four additional areas of competency.

First, you must know how to approach women. A woman needs to feel comfortable with you, which is why it’s important to know how to avoid triggering any negative emotions when you are interacting with her.  Women like to feel admired and valued, but at the same time you don’t want to overdo it, so it is very important to know how to approach a woman without appearing to be overly interested in her.

Women are often put off by men who are too intimidating, so you need to learn how display just enough interest to hook her attention and get her wondering about what your story is. The idea is to tease her similar to the way you might tease a kitten by dangling a string near it, getting it to jump for the string, but never catch it. This is how you keep her attention. Becoming a master at this type of low-key flirtatious teasing is what Stealth Attraction is all about. I truly believe that almost anyone can do this, it’s just crucial to develop the right techniques and then apply them properly.

Another important component of a good approach to attraction is a strong image. The way a man presents himself will influence the woman’s decision to warm up to him, so it is very important that you have a good image and body language. By being yourself (…a smooth and refined version of yourself that you’ll learn about in Stealth Attraction), you’ll be able to take the pressure off of her and make her feel comfortable with you and get her to want to get to know you.

When a woman is interested in a man, she’ll naturally warm up to him, and that makes everything much easier. If she’s interested all you as the guy need to do is not mess things up by acting weird. Therefore, when you are starting out your goal as the man is to get her interested. You know this is working when she starts giving you IOIs (Indicators of Interest) a concept that is discussed at length in the program.

Richard teaches a variety of techniques for getting these IOIs, and he is honest about the fact that they will work best for men with good body language, image, and fitness. However, even if you are still developing in these areas it is still possible to get IOIs. Whether or not you get a woman’s is also IOI will be based on the way you approach her, so it’s important to be confident in your physical appearance in order to make it happen.

The book also covers the different stages of seduction. In contrast to most pickup courses, this one teaches men how to approach women without overtly approaching them. In addition to identifying the stage of seduction, the book also discusses non-verbal language in the context of approach priming. This means building rapport with a girl before saying a single word. If you do this, the girl will be more likely to open up to you.

In addition to teaching a man to approach women in a way that is attractive to women, Stealth Attraction also teaches shy guys all about how to properly develop their egos and self-confidence. This can be very important if a guy is self conscious or has trouble speaking to women. So rest assured that the program contains techniques that work for everyone, including the shiest of guys. Thats why i’m such a fan of this program – it doesn’t matter whether you are a shy guy or a confident man, Stealth Attraction will teach you the tricks you need that will make any woman melt.


Stealth Attraction is a great way to improve your confidence when approaching women. The course is easy to implement, and the lessons are delivered through a membership forum. Members can read other members’ comments and ask questions. The program is particularly helpful for shy men, and is recommended for even those with a high level of shyness.

Personally I have found that when learning about the theories behind the art of seduction, it is useful to consider the methods used by other men. Some techniques will be perfect for you while some others may seem difficult to apply. That’s why it’s important to get information from a variety of sources so that you can discover what works best for you.

While Stealth Attraction is a great way to approach women, it’s not suited for everyone. For example, if you’re shy to the point where the thought of approaching a women seem completely and utterly impossible, then you may find it difficult to apply the techniques taught. For these men, other programs that teach online dating techniques may prove more effective, and may help them easy into becoming more confident with women by meeting them online first. However, for most guys who are not absolutely terrified of talking to quality women, I think Stealth Attraction is the best thing out there.