Finding a woman with good morals, and all of the other qualities one is looking for, can be hard in this day and age. Nowadays, it seems like more and more women are putting off marriage and family, in order to enjoy their person freedom and establish careers. And, while everyone is free to do what they want, I think that this change in social norms is undoubtedly making the dating scene more challenging for young people who are actually marriage minded.

Of course this isn’t just a problem for single men looking to settle down. Most men in their 20s and 30s are also taking their sweet time to grow up and become responsible citizens, which makes things had for the few remaining marriage minded single women out there. But to keep this from turning into a book Iíll focus on struggles men facing single men. Just a few short decades ago it was not uncommon for people to marry right after college, and to quickly start a family. The economic situation in the states was better for most young families which allowed women the opportunity to stay home and raise their children while the men were all out at work.

Certainly this situation had itís drawbacks, but all in all, I think that most of us can agree that the children benefited from the care provided by their mothers, assuming that the mothers were loving, nurturing care-givers. These days however, it is harder and harder for a family to support itself on just one income, and this is causing couples to put off having children or even forego having little ones all together. It seems like the young people today just donít see anyway that they can start a family and provide for there children without both parents needing to work long hours, which is certainly a depressing thought. Perhaps this is why so many people are embracing the single life and spending their time on other pursuits.

For a man who has been raised to value family, it can be difficult to navigate the dating scene based on these recent cultural changes. This is why programs like Jason Capital’s Make Women Want You have become so popular. Men need a way to understand female psychology so that they can appeal to women. This gives men the opportunity to be choosy and have their pick of the most suitable partners.

Of course, learning how to make women like you can become journey in an of itself, but for those men hard set on finding women they can start families with, I believe this is a challenge they will readily accept.